This is just the beginning

A few years ago I was sick.

I lived on a fast food diet, and required regular interventions with stomach soothing bismuth tablets and ginger ale. I had to have caffeine every morning or I was useless. My blood sugar was erratic – I couldn’t go more than 3 hours without eating, and sugar made me really drunk. I couldn’t even eat fruit sugar. Whether I had a banana or beer, it didn’t matter. Both would render me incapable of driving my car. Candy might as well have been cognac. But sugar wasn’t my only nemesis. My allergies were so bad that even with medicine, I couldn’t be outside for very long or hang out with anyone who had animals. If I tried running, exercise-induced asthma kicked in after a few minutes, and caused me to double over gasping for air.  I had no energy.  I was anxious.  I was depressed.

Last spring, I was face to face with my M.D. who told me that my recurrent anxieties and severe mood symptoms meant I needed some pretty strong medication. I was already taking all of the over the counter stuff and hearing that I was going to be dependent on yet another pill to feel like a whole functioning human being was just another kick in the gut. That day changed my life forever, because that was the day that I decided I wasn’t going to be sick anymore.

A year and a half later:

I don’t suffer from crippling depressive symptoms or panic episodes. My blood sugar is stable and I can finally eat sugar and fruit without looking like I took shots of expensive tequila. I can exercise without getting the wind knocked out of me and I can be outside without pollen and dander causing sneezing fits and bloodshot eyes. I also never get those horrible stomach aches that made pepto so essential in my diet.

I am a picture of health.

I take no medication – literally none. Nothing for asthma, nothing for allergies, nothing for mood issues. I don’t even need caffeine to get going in the morning anymore. I also inadvertently lost 13 pounds. I wasn’t trying to do this, but weight started coming off with virtually no effort, the more I learned about what my body really needed to be healthy. My life is a complete 180 from where I was a year and a half ago.

I didn’t find some magic cure. It took a long while with lots of trial and error to get here but I listened to my body and I am never going back to where I was before. That miserable version of me was not me.

I know that I am not the only one who has wanted to feel better.  I know that I am not the only one who has struggled with health issues, feeling like a victim resigned to a fate of continuous doctor’s visits and never-ending prescription pads.  I also know that I am not the only one who is capable of going from zero to feeling like a million bucks. And that is why I am writing this for you. I want you to feel like a million bucks too.

In the last year and a half, I started working on my own natural bath/body product line, and began working on my certification to be a health coach. Everyday I work on making new products to help make people’s lives happier and healthier. Everyday I am learning new dietary theories and reading up on research studies to help me better understand the challenges that my clients might face. It is my sincere hope that I will reach people who are longing to feel better, people looking for answers, people who just want to be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

This blog is meant to chronicle my journey. I hope that by sharing my story, it will help you get in touch with the best version of yourself. Let’s find the real you.